From racy photo shoots to super sexy Instagram pics, the siblings are constantly outdoing one another – but who’s sexier? Take a look and vote! Every time one of them posts a sexy selfie, especially one involving their cleavage, we have to do a double take. Both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have their own beauty lines, and they’re constantly promoting new additions on their social media pages. Whether it’s a look at a sexy photo shoot, something from behind the scenes, beauty hacks, or just careful product placement, the sisters’ duo somehow always manage to look sexy when they’re showing off their collections. When Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner attend public events or parties together, it’s like a double-take of classic style.

But….Who is sexier? Kim Kardashian?? or Kylie Jenner??

Kylie Jenner is a rising starlet and reality TV star who is continually budding and coming out into her own. One minute she was hiding behind the shadows of her older sisters and the next, the teenager had grown into her own person. Besides that, Kylie Jenner’s height, weight, and other general measurements have caught our attention. Kylie Jenner is not only the youngest self-made billionaire, but she’s also the first person who has ever made green hair look sexy. Whether that hair is jet black or bleach blond, and whether her lips are filed or not, Kylie is a stunner no matter what beauty and fashion risks she takes. Kylie Jenner’s body is basically a cultural phenomenon.

She made “Kylie Jenner lips” a rap punch line and the aspiration of every girl on Instagram. Kylie recently dropped the 21st birthday collection for Kylie Cosmetics and she posed in her bra and underwear to promote the new makeup. She even wore nothing but sexy lingerie in a bathtub in another ad for the collection. It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner enjoys flaunting her famous figure, and who could blame her? Whether she’s strutting her stuff at Coachella or vacationing somewhere tropical, there’s no denying that Kylie looks good in a bikini. Kylie is definitely following in her sister’s footsteps and becoming a sex symbol in her own right. She’s clearly learned the art of a good cleavage selfie from her sister. Can you believe she just had a baby earlier this year? Like Kim, Kylie’s been embracing her post-baby body ever since she gave birth to her daughter “Stormi” back in Feb. Her full behind is reportedly her favorite part of her body.

According to an insider, Kylie feels sexier, curvier and more feminine than ever before and she feels it is all Stormi’s doing. Many of us might think that it’s all magic of gym and workout but here’s the shocking thing, Kylie seems to work out infrequently. She is not like her siblings who go hard at the gym. “I planned my first workout for Monday,” Kylie said during a Q&A with her best friend Jordyn Woods, which she filmed after she’d given birth to Stormi. “I’m not even doing it to get in shape.” OMG, Isn’t this amazing and shocking as well? So how does Kylie exercise when she does feel like it? Thanks to Instagram, we know she takes walks with Baby Stormi and goes paddle boarding.

Part-time media mogul and our full-time reason you log into Instagram, the go-so-hot sexy Kim Kardashian needs no introduction as she is famous for being famous. Social media sensation, American TV personality, Entrepreneur and pop culture phenomena, hot and sexy Kim Kardashian is deemed as one of the most influential celebrities in the world. Kim Kardashian is the hottest American sizzler. Her curvaceous body and killer personality hold power to hypnotize anyone. And she flaunts them in the best manner possible.

Kim Kardashian sure loves showing off her famous assets! It doesn’t matter if she’s in a figure-hugging dress, a barely-there bikini, or completely in the buff, the mother of three has it and is definitely flaunting it. Kim really takes things to the next level of her promotion. She’s posed naked on more than one occasion in ads for her perfumes or makeup. Kim is known to mesmerize her fans with her persona and distinct statement. Redefining the notion of being famous for being famous, Kim K launched her successful mobile game in 2014 followed by a portfolio book named Selfish, Kimojis on iOS and eventually her own makeup line Kim Kardashian beauty.